Blind Zelda 3 for Link's Blacklist

Blind the Thief Zelda ALTTP

Blind the Thief is the Boss in the Thieves Town which is the eight dungeon in the Legend of Zelda. A Link to the Past.

He guards the fourth maiden in the game and can change his appearance to disguise himself as that maiden. Link has to use light to reveal his true form and start the battle against Blind.

Blind disguised as maiden

Carl Chrappa the artist behind our first Blind the Thief illustration for Link’s Blacklist wrote the following about his work:

“For me, one of the more memorable of the bosses in that game, if only for the fact that there was almost a mystique about him and he’s one of the only bosses referred to by name in-game.

He was mentioned early on in the story by the man who lives in his old hideout. He tells you that Blind the Thief “Hated bright lights.”

Then you get to the Dark World and you go inside the hideout again, find the girl and lead her up to the top room where there is nothing but a window with a bright light. Then boom! the girl turns into him and he just wrecks you! Surprised me the first time I played it, and I still love the way it was presented.”


Blind the Thief Battle Screenshot


The battle against Blind the Thief starts when Link lures the disguised Blind into a patch of light, which can be seen there in the screenshot. Blind will reveal himself and start floating around and shoot beams at Link who needs to avoid both the beams and Blind himself. 

If Link hits Blind he will use additional fireball attacks and his head will float without the cloack and attack Link too.

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