Kuma (Ice Bear) Tekken 2 Tribute Art

If you played Tekken, you most likely know that there is a fighting bear among the many characters.

Kuma was always one of the comic characters with funny and sometimes hilarious endings, and thats what ChihuahuasInTheMist from South Africa illustrated here with her GAHQ Tekken 2 Art Tribute entry which displays Kuma in his Ice Bear Design from Tekken 2 together with his normal Grizzy Design and Panda as well.

She wrote the following to about her “Kuma – Bear of Action” submission:

“I drew white Kuma for the Tekken 1 tribute and just had to draw him again for the Tekken 2 Tribute now

He’s my favourite character to play as, and a great example of the quirkiness that makes Tekken such an awesome series, so it was disappointing for me that he didn’t even make a token appearance in the live-action movie, or ‘Blood Vengeance.’

The idea for this pic came from trying to imagine a Kuma-centered movie, where he gets to be the badass action hero instead of Jin or Kazuya =P

*Nerdy pedantic note: since this is about Tekken 2, that is a panda rather than Xiaoyu’s Panda. She was a last minute addition- I just felt the action cliche-fest here wouldn’t be complete without a gun-toting ‘babe'”


Personal Note: It really wondered me that Kuma’s classic Ice Bear Design was not available in Tekken 6 and TTT2.