Like a few weeks ago when i featured a Sona – Maven of the Strings fan art i am still not really familiar with the League of Legends games, but alone through reading about the LoL characters or skins in this case i learn more and more about the game and its many characters 🙂

Let’s see if i did my homework 😉

This here is Arcade Sona, a skin made available for a limited time by Riot Games which changes Sona’s look but also a lot of her animations and sounds (yay  for chiptunes!) , and some of her abilities are changed to fit to the retro / arcade theme as well.

This fan art by Gaelriz Stomples from Canada reminded me at the good old Dance Dance Revolution characters on first sight and i guess the legendary Bemani series played a role when this Arcade Sona skin was designed.

Arcade Sona LoL

Click to enlarge the Arcade Sona (Sona the Maven of the Strings) Fan Art