Xerneas Legendary Pokemon Wallpaper

Xerneas is one of the two new Legendary Pokemon announced by Nintendo for Pokemon X and Y, the new games are getting released in October 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS and form the 6th Generation of Pokemon games, something a lot fans waited for. Pokemon X and Y also introduce finally a new graphic style to the Pokemon series which was due now since quite a while.

Xerneas is as mentioned one of the new legendary Pokemon to find, and also one of the most beautiful creatures seen in the games so far i believe. Silver5 / Jamie Flack from the UK liked Xerneas so much on first sight that he created this wonderful fan art which got over 2600 “faves/likes” on deviantART which is quite a lot. Beside Pokemon fan art in this style, Silver5 draws a lot of other different stuff as well and he also takes commissions sometimes, take a look if you liked his take on Xerneas!