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Castlevania Tribute - Maria Renard SOTN

Click to enlarge the artwork of Maria Renard from Castlevania SOTN

Maria Renard made her Castlevania debut as a 12 year old vampire huntress in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood already, and returned in the direct sequel Castlevania Symphony of the night as a beautiful young women. In the Japanese Sega Saturn version of the game and the later PSP ports she was playable too.

GreenStranger draw this portrait of Maria in SOTN and wrote the following about his work:

“This one took a while to work on. Definitely a lot of polishing on the wacom pad. I used to get more done with good ol’ paper and pencils but this is a tasteful change from traditional media. Maybe some of you have noticed that I’ve modified this picture quite a few times. It’s my favorite and strongest piece and somehow I’m never happy with it. Anyhow, here’s Maria Renard from Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

Done in Alias Sketchpad, Photoshop and Painter 11.”

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