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Castlevania Tribute - Castlevania III Artwork

This is one of the latest entries made for the Game Art HQ tribute, but also one of the literally biggest entries!

Maiss-Thro aka Eduardo J. Pérez M.from Venezuela delivered a masterpiece here which is probably one of the best Castlevania III related artworks ever made.

Castlevania III was the first game of the series which included more than one playable protagonist, and that’s what Eduardo illustrated here with his work.

He wrote the following as the description:

“Long time I’ve invested in this piece to make it what it is. Also, it’s one of my favorite NES games: Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse. Original file is 120×180 cms (47,24×70,86 in) at 300dpi, so I might got too ambitious on this particular one trying to get the old Gothic church stained glass window look. Nevertheless, I’m way too happy and proud of the result.

Some of the details in this piece are for historical references: last names of Grant and Sypha: Dăneşti and Vernandes; and the Dracul (Dragon) emblem on the Winged Guard. I gave Sypha a skirt just, Alucard his albino look in SOTN, and Trevor a coat like in Akumajo Dorakyula Pachislot regarding their original look for the sake of tastes. Hope doesn’t bother the more purist of the series.”


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