Witch Doctor Class from Diablo

The Witch Doctor Class was introduced in Diablo III (2012) by Blizzard Entertainment. They can use attacks that are based on Voodoo Magic as well as summon various pets, they are pure spellcaster type characters and were inspired by the Necromancer Class in Diablo II.

A Witch Doctor named Nazeebo became a playable character in the crossover MOBA Heart of the Storm (2015).



“”I wander to places beyond imaginings, far from the jungles of my youth. My knowledge has grown vast. The people, they think me banished — shunned to the end of my days. They say I defy the spirits. But I say no, I follow them. The spirits show me alone that the sky-fire is where the end begins. They say this must not be. I live to serve the spirits, so I go. There is none but me to answer the call.””



The Witch Doctor Class from the Diablo Series: an Overview

Charactername: Witch Doctor Class   Developed /Created by  Blizzard Entertainment
Gameseries: Diablo   First seen on:  PC 
First Game:  Diablo III (2012)   Year first seen:  2012 
Last Game:  “”   Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Character Class   Weapons:  
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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of the Witch Doctor Class from the Diablo Series

Witch Doctor Diablo 3 Game Art Witch Doctor Concept Art Diablo III

Witch Doctor Class Diablo 3 Wallpaper

Official Witch Doctor Wallpaper

Female Witch Doctor Diablo III Official Game Art

Female Witch Doctor

Diablo 3 (2012) 



The Witch Doctor Class in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects


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Selected Fan Art and Cosplay of the Witch Doctor Class


Witch Doctor Diablo 3 Art by Abel Vera

Witch Doctor D3

by Abel Vera

Female Witch Doctor Diablo Cosplay by Nemu013

Female Witch Doctor Cosplay

by Nemu013

Witch Doctor Diablo 3 Art by David Villegas

Witch Doctor 

by David Villegas



Updates and Additions in the Witch Doctor Gallery:

30.08.2016 – Male Witch Doctor Art by Abel Vera added

01.08.2016 – Female Witch Doctor Cosplay by Nemu013 added