Borderlands 2 cosplay

Lilith and Roland Cosplay from Borderlands 2

Dante and Lady Cosplay DMC

Dante and Lady Cosplay from DMC3

Lilith Borderlands Cosplayer

Lilith Cosplay BL2

Sheperd Female Cosplay

Commander Shepard

Sexy Cosplay is often great, but beautiful and more or less perfect costumes are often really awesome to see, and thats the kind of cosplay art i try to show and share a bit here on Game Art HQ 1-3 Times per Month now. There was nearly no focus on GAHQ lately but that will change a bit with this little round up but something bigger in February.

Today, i want to show you the at least 2nd best Ivy Valentine cosplayer ever,Crystal Graziano who also is featured with her Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. You see also a Devil May Cry Dante & Lady cosplay by the wonderful Narga-Lifestream one more Kitana cosplay by the friggin best Kitana cosplayer ever, Nemu013, Borderlands 2 cosplay of Lilith and Roland by Beethy and Nebulaluben. Hope you like the selected cosplay art photos ..and if you do, take a look at the profiles or websites of the Cosplayers and / or their Photographers as well!

For the case you are a bit more interested into cosplay, check out this (a bit old now) Interview with Crystal Graziano i did a while ago too!

Kitana Cosplayer

Kitana from MK9 Cosplay

Ivy Cosplay Ivy Valentine  Cosplayer

Ivy Valentine from SoulCalibur V Cosplay