well not DmC but DMC aka Devil May Cry 3.

Since i am not a fan of the new game and its terrible characterdesigns i am glad i can feature this great cosplay by Narga-Lifestream as Lady and Aoki.Lifestream as “Oldschool” Dante.

Both are awesome Cosplayers from Russia and shared a ton of great photos online already, i bet you have seen some of Narga’s Tira, Yuna or Aerith Cosplays before, and Aoki as Zack from FFVIICC as well.

They are a cool photographer as well with Arwenphoto and i look forward to see what they are up to in 2013!

Speaking about Devil May Cry again…do you think we will ever see old Dante again in a new DMC game or will they stick to the Twilight Inspired Dante?

Dante and Lady Cosplay DMC