Garland Final Fantasy by_puzzletoad

Garland is the main antagonist of the first Final Fantasy and a Former Knight from Cornelia. While he has almost no personality in the first FF he shows a dedication to War and Conflicts in Final Fantasy Dissidia and is a great villain there as well.

Tom Kyster aka. Puzzletoad who participated in multiple game art hq art projects already draw this Garland as part of our Final Fantasy I 25th Anniversary tribute which can be seen here. It missed the deadline a bit, so it is featured as part of the Final Fantasy Friday 01 in 2013! Tom used elements of both Garlands designs here, with the Gems attached to Garlands armor like in FF Dissidia, but using the black/ grey colors instead of the blue toned one. I think this is another great contribution and one of the best looking Garland artworks made by fans!

If you like this drawing, consider taking a look at Tom Kysters deviantART page as well!