Seriously, Claude¬† from Grand Theft Auto III is a damn reckless, nearly emotionless guy when it is about reaching his goals and getting respect in good old Liberty City ūüôā

No matter what you do..don’t get in the way of Claude..he won’t hesitate to use his many guns to get rid of the problem the fast way!

This is one of the multiple drawings the Australian artist Patrick Brown created as a tribute for one of his favourite Game Series. He wrote

“So here we have Claude , protagonist of Grand Theft Auto III just chilling around the Red Light District. That hooker behind him was a must, it cracked me up every time you walk by her in game, she’d always say “Ever been down south?” or something funny like that. And we also have a random Liberty City Cocks fan in the background”

Yeah..looks like a typical scenery of GTA III to me, and goddamn..this image makes me want to play it again!

Claude Speed GTAIII Art by_patrickbrown