Claude Speed GTAIII Art by_patrickbrown

 Claude Speed from GTA III

Tommy Vercetti_GTA Vice City by_patrick brown

 Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City

Tommy Vercetti_GTA Vice City cartoon by_patrick brown

 Patricks Celebration of VC’s Anniversary

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular game series today, and since around 12 years now. GTA III was the first big game with a 3D city full of passants, all type of vehicles, a giant map to explore and having a ton of fun as Claude Speed, a young criminal who works his way to the top.

The sequels GTA Vice City and San Andreas added more of everything but also had their own flair in their own timelines, added great soundtracks with licensed music from the eithies and nineties to round up the experience.

Grand Theft Auto IV added again a good portion of possibilities in the game and delivered another iconic story. Now in 2013, probably millions of fans are waiting for Grand Theft Auto V which gets released later this year.


Nico Bellic from GTA IV

grand_theft_auto characters art by_patrickbrown

All the GTA Protagonists

One of them is the australian artist Patrick Brown. He draws fan art of video games..and he draws a lot of it..but the best part is that he does a pretty damn great job and created something epic with every new artwork by him. I featured multiple of his works already, like some of his Hitman and Assassins Creed creations, but thought that his Grand Theft Auto art deserves an own bigger feature.

And it is, so enjoy seeing these GTA artworks!

Patrick just published a digital book with his woks too, if you are interested to get it, you can do so via Sketchoholic


PS, if you want to help Game Art HQ a bit, you can pre order / buy Grand Theft Auto V via through this Link please. I would earn a few bucks which would be used to pay the server costs of this website.

Grand Theft Auto V by Patrick BrownGrand Theft Auto V is coming in 2013