super_mario cartoon art by_brendancorris Thumb

Super Mario Bros Bookmark

donkey_kong_country_2 enemies and villains bookmark art by brendan corris

Donkey Kong Country 2 Bookmark

Simon Belmont vs Death in Castlevania 1 by Brendan Corris

GAHQ Castlevania Tribute Preview

The Evil Mr Dark

The Evil Mr Skops

Earthbound Characters Bookmark Art by_brendancorris

Earthbound Bookmark


The Art of Brendan Corris:

After a week of themed art  waves related to video game zombies, game girls, Mortal Kombat and more, now a special about someone who has been featured on Game Art HQ since 2011 already and stands for a unique comic/cartoon style, and a ton of game related fan art ranging from eight bit characters, a whole series of Super Mario bros enemies but also multiple entries in our GAHQ Art Projects like the Street Fighter Tribute, the Castlevania Tribute and a very special artwork about Taffy, a Clayfighter character made for the FGE Project.

Brendan Corris is a New York based self called cartoonist and well..i can really recommend visiting his blog beside the artworks by him featured here on GAHQ!

The six artworks in this article are just a glimpse of his works actually, please also consider looking at his deviantART gallery