oh yes they did.


Just look at poor Mega Man and his drug addict sister Roll here. This image was halfway meant to be funny but also to be a rant @ Capcom for their actions related to the MegaMan franchise in the last years.

Fans wait since many years for a new MegaMan game with HD graphics ..MegaMan games getting cancelled, Mega Man himself was not a playable character in MVC3 and in SFXT they made him more a stupid parody of himself.

Visit Carlos Correa’s gallery where he rants about the case and also explains this fan art and its details.

btw..did i ever mentioned that Capcom wanted to organize a MegaMan 25th Anniversary Art Contest in Summer 2012 but they cancelled the idea and did nothing instead?

Well..now i mentioned it. ..Screw ya..cRapcom.

Mega Man and Roll by_daremaker