Proto Man Art by Dan Howard

Yay, the first art about Proto Man, Mega Man’s “Brother” arrives on Game Art HQ and it does it with a mighty KABOOM!

This damn awesome artwork was made for the Megaman Boss Battle Project by one of my favourite Artists, Dan Howard from Georgia.

That project looks like a nice initiative by MegaMan fans, it is great that GAHQ is not the only place for art by gamers for gamers. The more people show this part of the game community the better it is for us in general i believe. We are not just shooter loving freaks who can’t wait to run amok @ the next school but just normal guys with a cool hobby..and not a few of us love and feel the art aspect of video games.

Back to Proto Man and the art ūüôā


He is displayed here in Mega Man III, fighting one of Snake Man’s “Pets” other words giant mechanical Snakes who try to defeat Mega Man without success of course

Excellent work Dan!