FFVIII Screen Squall FFVIII Screen Seiffer

Final Fantasy VIII was the second big Final Fantasy game after FF7 on the Sony Playstation and some sort of an “Upgrade” in almost all sectors. Instead of 3 Disc it had 4, there were more “summon” monsters, a bigger world to explore, more characters to play and the graphics were better of course too.

Gameplay wise it was a lot different than any FF game before and while it got overall positive reviews, a not too small part of the FF Community disliked the “draw” system and the artistical design.

Personally i really loved Final Fantasy VII and its characters ..especially Squall, Edea and the Guardian Forces.

Let’s see what kind of artworks i can feature here ūüôā


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Final Fantasy VIII Logo

Final Fantasy VIII Art by great Fans

Rinoa & Ultimecia

by JuritheDreamer


FF8 Heroes

by Cedric Poulat