Twinrova Zelda Ocarina of Time Link's Blacklist 2015
Link’s Blacklist – Twinrova 

“I was asked to join in the Links Blacklist painting jam Over at GameArtHQ again! this is my entry this time around! I was given the choice of any zelda villain, so twinrova was a no brainer. I took some creative liberties with her design,

It was a bit of a challenge but an absolute blast to paint”


Courtney “Siga4BDN” Chitsiga is kinda our Gerudo Expert now after she drew Twinrova now and did the Gerudo Guard before 🙂

Am glad she is a part of our community since years!


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Twinrova from Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the merged pair of two witches of the Gerudo clan and also the mothers of Ganon: Koume and Kotake.

During the battle against them in the Spirit Temple, they are merging each other to Twinrova who was drawn by Viokcha from the USA


  Twinrova OoT 

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