skull_kid twilight princess 

The Skullkid is one of the most mysterious characters in the Zelda games.

There are theories that the Skullkid is the same one as in OoT and MM, his eyes look very similar to those of Majora`s Mask as example.

Melissa Gabric from Canada who absolutely loves the Skullkid and all of it`s designs draw the first TP based entry for our Link`s Blacklist Project

Kudos to ya, Melissa, the around 20 hours of work you spend for your artwork resulted in a piece which looks as great as any official Zelda art

SkullKid TP

Skull Kid Zelda TP Link's Blacklist 2015

“Finally a perfect excuse to draw LOZ saghsjdksdfda
Skull Kid’s battle wasn’t my fav in TP (the other bosses are just too awesome imo ahaha), but I adore the setting in the Lost Woods and this character’s designs in OOT/MM/TP so I chose to draw him~ *u*

I managed to play some ALBW this year and that’s the last time I’ve touched a LOZ game ;v;;

I still don’t know anything about Hyrule Warriors.
Thank you very much for looking~!”

Anokazue participated in Link’s Blacklist with a couple of amazing submissions already and I hope his take on TP’s Skull Kid won’t be the last one, we have still a lot to do to get Link’s Blacklist completed!



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