Nightmare Link`s Awakening

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This is Nightmare, the main antagonist in his different forms from Zelda: Link`s Awakening

This is the first Illustration of a Link`s Awakening character for Link`s Blacklist and was drawn by jmatchead from the USA. Like myself this artist seems to like drawings of characters and games who are rarely getting any attention anymore, he contributed a good handful of submissions to Game Art hQ Art Projects now (May 2013)


Link's Awakening Nightmare Boss for Link's Blacklist

In our second illustration of the Nightmares in Link’s Awakening you can see the shadow versions of Agahnim and Ganon.

The Link in Link’s Awakening is the same as the one in Zelda III: A Link to the Past so it makes sense he has to battle his own Nightmares.

This one was drawn by Francisco Pérez Ortiz from Chile.

Ganon Nightmare


Nightmare Zelda Links Awakening DX 

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