Helmethead Zelda II


 Helmethead Render

The Helmethead from Zelda II: The Adveture of Link

In our first Link`s Blacklist Project we got only 2 claims / contributions related to Zelda 2, both made by the same artist Carl Andrew Chrappa – and both are awesome detailed and illustrate the old characterdesigns from the eighties.

When i created this website and started organizing art tributes / projects dedicated to video games and their characters i had it always in mind that these artworks are in some way preserving a part of our culture, a part of gaming history. Thanks to pieces like this one of a minor enemy character like the Helmethead i know the target of preserving art and culture has been reached.


Helmethead Fight

 Helmethead Face

The Helmethead fights in a strong armor, to defeat him just learn downthrust and you can defeat him easily without even caring about the fireballs he shoots

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