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Fan Art & Cosplay Game Characters with own Art Galleries
Waku Waku 7       , Tessa,
War Gods       , Pagan
Warcraft III       Arthas / Lich King, Jaina , Sylvanas,
Warriors Orochi       , Maeda Keiji,
Watch Dogs       Aiden Pearce,
WeaponLord       Bane, Jen-Tai,
Witcher, the     Fan Art Geralt of Rivia,
Wonderful 101       Wonder-Red,
World Heroes       Fuuma Kotaro, Geegus, Hanzo Hattori,
World Heroes 2       Dio,
World of Warcraft     Fan Art Alexstrasza, Anub’Arak, Arthas /Lich King, Jaina , Queen Azshara, Sylvanas,
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm        ,Deathwing,


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The one and only! Plays video games since 1987, loves video game related art and is responsible for Game-Art-HQ. Among his favourite games are Tekken, Tetris and Twisted Metal 2. You can contact me about any not working links etc. via Twitter, Facebook or directly via a comment here