First of all, the new layout needs a damn much work but is a big step for this site.

Speaking about big steps.. 150! artists signed in to the Game Art HQ 25th Anniversary Tribute Fan Project of Street Fighter which begins on February 12th

And damn..the entries i saw already are awesome.


I am working on the site in some different ways now than before.

Previously i contacted an artist i thought fits the theme of this site and used basically all interesting enough works of that artist.

Now i am contacting multiple artists and use their works for only a certain character when i got their permission.

I believe that might be a better route because that way we wont have over 300 fanart galleries here with only one fan art actually.

Both ways have their benefits, but for now i use route 2.

The Street Fighter Character Abel got a gallery already here with probably all ever

made official game art for him, but today he also got a fan art like normally only sexy

videogame characters get one.

Not that Abel cant be sexy for some people but well..he isnt Mai Shiranui. *cough*


Anyway, take a look, i believe those are all damn good fan art pieces of him on his new Fan Art Gallery

Over ten artists gave me their permissions, among them are artists like Bosslogic or

Jaimito and i bet you saw something from them already

if you are into game art made by fans.

They have their own galleries as well, they might join our hall of fame somewhen later as well.

The Abel gallery is not done fully, i hope to get a few more artists onboard. If this goes all well this website should gain quite some popularity and most important of all it will be a damn cool and interesting website

For fans, for artists..and for people who search for talents as well (GBK has a plan!)


Greets all, Ray


by Jiggeh