Saturday i changed the format of Game Art HQ, and slowly i am optimizing the articles and galleries now.

Before i had only around 530 pixels as the maximal width for images and the text content, now with only one sidebar i can display images with up to 830 pixels width

This allows me to put many images more into the focus and the foreground than before, i can display more images  in one line as well.

Yesterday i started working on the Official Game Art Gallery for the Street Fighter Character Abel.

Beside using the new layout i also added probably every official artwork

including Concept Line Art and Sketches to this gallery. I also researched a bit and put up a hopefully Text together with some Informations about Abel.

The Amazon Articles related to Abel like wall scrolls were changed as well, i hope they look better now and still decent.

Any form of feedback regarding the layout is welcome, you can contact me easily via the Forum