Last week i did a poll here, around 30% voted that they like the Fan Art here, but there needs to be more of it here.

Well, today i can proudly annnounce that a professional Studio, the Chekydot Studio from indonesia joined the GA-HQ Hall of Fame, and also the damn awesome MadiBlitz which many know for her Mortal Kombat related works on deviantart. She also participated in our MK Tribute Project with a Human Smoke Entry which can be seen here.

This means a lot new art on GA-HQ, a lot for Soul Calibur III , a lot for Mortal Kombat Characters. And there will be more!



Update #1

oNichanN-xD  is onboard GA-HQ as well now, just with two fanworks yet, but those are already nice..Poison Kiss = always win 😉