It seems so far that my Idea to create something like a “Overclocked Remix for Fan Art and Fan Art Tribute Projects” works.


In only 3 weeks, 80 artists from Deviantart,MK Communities and – yay – 2 trough GA-HQ were interested to be a part of the Mortal kombat “Immortal” Fan Art project


Nearly 40 entries are drawn so far, and many of them really deserve the term “EPIC” and awesome.


Today, the second big Fan Art Project started in collaboration with my Deviantartgroup Fighting Games Elite, this time i dont spread the news on other sites, lets see how many artists are interested to presentate their tribute to the bosses of fighting games on DA and GA-HQ

35 Bosses and three..very..weird guys can be claimed to draw, 26 are claimed already and one entry was submitted today already which is for Unknown from the Tekken tag Tournament games

Special thanks goes to Alilai which spend 2 and a half days for this first entry!


Lets see how this project progresses!