Sundays are clearly the best days to update a lot on a website…if you have no life anyway..!



So while the Forum has nearly 20 members now (thanks) and some interesting threads,

the first Interview on GA-HQ with athepopular Fan-Art-Artist Esau Murga was done, you can read it here, it should especially be itneresting for other Artists


The Mortal Kombat Tribute Project Page was redesigned and is better organized now, 33 entries of the 80 are already drawn and each of them is damn awesome!



Last but not least i can welcome another fan art artist to GA-HQ, its TeamLando who made some quite cool Nintendo related fan arts and more


Next week, the third GA-HQ Fan Art Project starts in the collaboration of the Deviantart  group Fighting Games Elite, i am looking forward to that totally!


Greets, GBK