1) Logo for “SeeDs of Pandora”
==> Status: Work Started (EdgeKagami)

2) Front cover art for a multi-tiered disc case
(Square aspect ratio)
– On cover art need to fit elements:
– Title with Logo “SeeDs of Pandora”
– Subtitle: “A Final Fantasy 8 Tribute”
– OCReMix logo
– Album indicator: “OCRA-0077”
==> Status: Work Started (Azurelly)

3) Back of CD Panel
(Square aspect ratio)
– Symbol of Griever
==> Status: Work Pending

4) 4 CD Panel Images
(Square aspect ratio, with margin)
– Image A: Quistis, Zell and Squall with Balamb Garden background
– Image B: Seifer and Irvine with Galbaldia Garden background  -taken by Marvin Law
– Image C: Selphie with Trabia Garden background
– Image D: Rinoa and Edea with Lunatic Pandoria background – taken by Whittingtomred 
==> Choice of whether Garden is flying is left to the artist
==> Reference images demonstrating the layout most appreciated
==> Would the layout be something like this? (Aeris with Highwind) https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/7/78/Wall_VII_04.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20070403180721
==> Status:
Work Started A (MDVillarreal)
Work Pending B,C,D

5) 4 CD Disc Images
(Circular ratio. Check online template for CD disc)
(These images can be re-used from the CD Panel Images via removal of characters and masking)
– Image A: Balamb Garden
– Image B: Galbaldia Garden
– Image C: Trabia
– Image D: Lunatic Pandora
==> Status: Work Pending


Special Note to Artists:
– Prepare layered PSD file for purpose of the composition of Youtube animation


Currently participating artists:
– Azurelly (Working on Cover Art)
– MDVillarreal (Working on CD Panel Image A- Squall)
– EdgeKagami (Working on Logo)

– Whittingtomred (Working on CD Panel D (Edea and Rinoa)

– Marvin Law (Working on CD Panel B with Seifer and Irvine)