Scyther is one of the 151 Generation I (Pokémon Blue, Red, Green in 1996) Pokémon

“With ninja-like agility and speed, it can create the illusion that there is more than one”

Looking part insect and part reptile, Scyther is a fierce-looking Bug/Flying-type Pokemon found in tall grassy areas. It can evolve into Scizor when traded holding a Metal Coat.

The name is obviously derived from its sharp scythe-like forearms. They only become sharper the more material they slice through. It is also capable of blending in with its surroundings. Although it has wings; it rarely is seen flying as it prefers being agile on its feet. 

They’re pretty frightening on their own. But in the anime even more so as they appear to travel in swarms. Imagine being surrounded by these vicious-looking things!


Scyther from the Pokemon Games: an Overview

Charactername: Scyther   Developed /Created by  Game Freak /Nintendo
Gameseries: Pokemon   First seen on:  Game Boy
First Game: Pokemon Generation I Games   Year first seen:  1996
Last Game: Pokémon Gen VIII Games & Spinoffs (2019)    Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Pokemon   Pokemon Type: Bug/Flying-Type Pokemon
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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of the Scyther Pokemon


Pokémon FiredRed & LeafGreen (2004)


Pokémon Gen I Games (1996)



Scyther in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects

Scyther is a part of the Pokémon Gen I Tribute in 2016 by the Game-Art-HQ Community Art Collaboration and was drawn twice for it using his X-Scissor and Slash attacks!


Selected Fan Art of Scyther


Scyther Pokemon

Scyther Redesign

by J.Boden



Updates in the Video Game Character Database entry and game art gallery of Scyther

11.08.2018 – Creation of Scyther’s Gallery and DB Entry