Corphish using by Crab Hammer by GogglesPizano

GogglesPizano is a young artist from the USA that joined our Gen III Tribute to draw Corphish using the mighty Crab Hammer move, she draws a lot of different stuff and I feel her Pokemon Fan Art for our Project was kinda an exception, since it was the only Pokemon in her gallery..unless I missed some!


Crab Hammer

“Hammers with a pincer. Has a high critical-hit ratio. “

Crab Hammer is a Water-Type attack move introduced in Generation I. Prior to Generation III, it was the signature move of both Krabby and Kingler. It is a very powerful attack move with 100 power. This also explains why it has a limited amount of 10 PP and a 90% chance of hitting rather than 100 . Though in earlier generations, it was only at 85%. 

The Crab Hammer was first used by Krabby from Gen I, its used by currently four different Pokemon in our Project so far!


Corphish using Bubble Beam by Yusiso

Yussiso is also one of the new artists that joined our series of Pokemon Projects in 2018, she drew some beautiful Pokemon fanart before and her take on the Corphish using the Bubble Beam was another great contribution for our Collaboration. I look forward to seeing her return in 2019!


Bubble Beam

“A Water-type attack. Stronger than Bubble. Many Water-type Pokémon learn this move”

Bubble Beam is one of the oldest Water-Type moves and does not only deal damage with a power rating of 65 and a 100% accuracy stat but has also a 33,2% chance of slowing down the opponent.

#341 Corphish

“Once it grips prey with its large pincers, it will never let go, no matter what. It is a hardy Pokémon that can thrive in any environment”



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