We are getting Tekken 7 in less than a month…FINALLY and I am counting the days already until I can do “my thing” online with Kuma and probably some of the new characters as well, but this friday belongs to the almost forgotten guest character in the Playstation version of Tekken 3, the Manga character Gon. A weird dinosaur that can be unlocked there in Tekken 3 and had one of the funniest ending movies in the whole Tekken history..and that really means something. I wonder if it will be in Tekken 7 which has a gallery /history mode with the intro and ending movies of the older Tekken games actually. 

Hyde209 is a big Tekken fan like myself and tributed the 20th Anniversary of Tekken 3 in the last weeks with fan arts like the one above. Very interesting is that he could use the “Create A Soul” Feature from SoulCalibur V as a base for the characters, but read his own description!


“To celebrate Tekken 3’s 20th anniversary I’ve decided to remake/reimagine all fighters from Tekken 3 in the same way I did Tekken 1 and 2. Like with my previous project I’ve done the foundation for each fighter in SoulCalibur V and then I’ve added stuff here and there in Photoshop to make ’em look cooler and more detailed.

I’ve also remade the stage backgrounds mostly out of photographs of actual places. 

Gotta love Gon the dinosaur. I didn’t give him the small read boxing gloves cause I wanted a more clean, classic look. This picture is right there in the uncanny valley XD You can really feel something askew with a dinosaur with those proportions.

It might work with a more cartoony look, but with semi-realism like this it feels kinda off. I think he looks kinda cute though.”


Now I wish we might see Gon again alongside his stage and of course the Tekken Ball mode. 

Head over to Hyde209’s place on dA here to see his whole Tekken 3 Tribute!