Mei is one of the most popular heroines from Overwatch and  her sexy character design gets a lot attention by artists from all around the world as well.

Karn Kirk Ratanasin aka Digiflohw from the USA is of them and created the beautiful “Frostbite” named illustration of Mei. Frostbite was actually the name of Mei during the development of Overwatch, the illustration shows her during the “Omnic Crisis” .  Initially, this illustration of Mei was supposed to be something rather simple, but Karn was having a lot of fun working on it, and more and more details were added with the time.

He posted the black & white version on twitter actually before the colored one to show the process of the art and I suggested him to share both versions everywhere since the b&w versions looks great as well. 

I follow Digiflohw since a good while on dA and am glad he is an  active part of the Game-Art-HQ community and our art collaborations since his works can really be described as definitive beautiful & faithful renditions to the video games he liked.


You can check out his whole gallery on deviantART there and also see some of his art submissions here:

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 Sophitia & Seung Mina in our SoulEdge Anniversary