Li Long is one of the playable characters in the SoulCalibur fighting games by Namco.

He made his debut in the first game of the series, SoulEdge (1996). According to the story of the game he was defeated by Cervantes and barely survived. He did not return in the sequels SoulCalibur 1+2 but became a bonus character in SoulCalibur III (2005). Together with Hwang and Amy Sorel he returned as a playable character with a unique moveset in the arcade edition of SCIII released in 2006. 

Li Long was one of the first characters with a Nunchaku weapon in a 3D fighting game and while he did not return in the direct sequels of SoulEdge, he was replaced by Maxi who used many of Li Long’s moves.  


Li Long from the SoulCalibur Games: an Overview

Charactername: Li Long   Developed /Created by Namco 
Gameseries: SoulCalibur   First seen on:  Arcades
First Game: Soul Edge   Year first seen: 1996 
Last Game: SoulCalibur III: Arcade Edition (2006)   Birthplace: China 
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapons: Bladed Nunchaku 
Additional Tags:     Similar Characters: Maxi 
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SoulEdge (1996)



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Li Long from SoulEdge

by Jamal Campbell



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