The Tengu, drawn by Chris “Xland333” Hegland

The Tengu are a race of mythical creatures but the ones in the Dead or Alive games seem to have the same struggles as we humans. Arrogance, Might and Jealousy drove the Tengu known as Bankotsubo to kill the leader of the Tengu in their own realm. He escaped to the human world with the help of Genra and started to bring chaos into the world. Ryu Hayabusa defeated him by the end of the second Dead or Alive Tournament.  While he was not playable in the vanilla versions of Dead or Alive 2, Tengu became an unlockable character later who returned in a few of the other Dead or Alive games as well.

Tengu is noteable slower than the other Dead or Alive characters but has the mighty ability to trap and stun his opponents during a combo. 


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