“Meet Seth, the only man who can survive in any street fight.
He might not look and behave exactly like a human, but honestly, a half of SF cast are look and behave like magic-steroids abusing physics-denying fighting machines.

Anyway, though special moves-stealer artificial human is quite a tired trope, for me, Seth worked fine as a final Boss, and his Yin-Yang metal ball-stomach isn’t more stupid than Gill’s skin color’s duality. His versions of other characters’ specials, as well as his own moves look cool and aggressive Also, Poongko’s tournament fights were pretty exciting.

I failed at initial idea to create completely rebuilded anatomy and just threw some extra weird placed muscles, but still think result is OK overall.”

by ValenttrisRRock


It was in November 2011 that I participated in the FGE/GA-HQ  Fighting Game Boss Tribute with Street Fighter II’s M.Bison. Now in 2016 the Fighting Game Boss Tribute is back for a 2nd round and I’m contributing once more, this time with Seth from Street Fighter IV.
Since he’s the final boss of the game it comes as no surprise that this character is one of the many replacement bodies for M.Bison but his source of power is the Tandem Engine- a rotating sphere in his abdomen.

As usual, I hope you guys enjoy this piece and don’t forget to check all the great art from the other participants in the tribute

By Joel Sousa



by Borockman


Seth is the final boss and even the main antagonist in the story of Street Fighter IV, however M.Bison defeated him actually and revealed also that he was using him all the time.

He has only a few completely own moves and can use many popular special attacks including the Sonic Boom and even Dhalsims long arms and legs. He is one of the more difficult boss characters in the Street Fighter series, it’s almost like some EX-SNK developers created this guy….




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