by Crumpsmash

by ForeverZeroDragon

“Here comes Jedah! His whole concept is pretty sick, that he actually a liquid man and just manifested the form we see, if you look at moves closely he does some crazy stuff as normal punch and kick attacks, like cutting is wrists and cutting his head off. “


 Done first as traditional black pen/ballpointer drawing (lines and details), then scanned and painted (quick) in Photoshop. If I find the time I think I could do a better coloring on him, but I like the fast painting I did anyways.


Jedah Dohma is the Boss of Darkstalkers 3 (In Japan known as Vampire Saviour) . Jedah is like a Dark messiah, and attacks his opponents with his own blood, his moves are unusual gory for the Darkstalkers series. Jedah wasnt a very hard Boss (fight Pyron in DS 1+2 for a harder challenge) but due to his unique appearance we just had to choose him for our first Boss Tribute Fan Art Project back in 2011. Jedah also returned in a couple of crossover games like Capcom Fighting Jam or the Project X Zone games.


by guezadilla

by Drastic77

“While Jedah might be boss light, according to some. He does attack you with just all of the blood every from everything ever. Some of his attacks are super fun and really, Darkstalkers is filled with really awesome characters and character designs.

I opted to combine a couple of his attacks so it was blood splash + scythe and I took some blood out. It was getting too bloody. There was blood everywhere, this is much much more tasteful.

Also wow you wouldn’t believe how many times I sketched him “




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