Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, Children and Monsters from all imaginable Dimensions…..

as every year, we had a special challenge for the human artists in our community to tribute All Hallows’ Eve as well as some of their favourite video games.

This year the idea was to place a video game character into a Horror Movie as one of the victims or even the evil villains that are known as evil slashers, maniacs or evil spirits that cursed a place.

Enjoy the following three artworks that combined The Legend of Zelda with Friday the 13th, Final Fantasy XV with “The Boy” and last but not least, Guilty Gear Xrd with the true cult classic horror thriller “The Shining”


Don’t Play Majora’s Mask on Friday the 13th…

by DragonChildX


Noctis from Final Fantasy XV as “The Boy”

by Oranuncha



by Cubehero



Happy Halloween ….