Robo-Corpse aka Daikaku Robot Big Fuzz the Stage 3 Boss from Contra 3 drawn by Lord Orenamus

Contra III, known here in Europe as Super Probotector is one of the awesome Super Nintendo games by Konami, back when they were a great video game developer.


The third stage had this crazy boss fight with the giant Robo Corpse destroying the wall in the background to appear and shoot stuff at your little soldier or robot, depending which version of the game you played. He was not the most difficult boss in the game, but I think one of the most impressive ones..especially back in 1992 when big sprites were unusual on home consoles.

The artists behind this piece, M A Maupin aka Lord Orenamus from France joined Game-Art-HQ’s Community just recently to participate in our big Pokemon Tribute and I got into a convo with him about what he likes to draw and what type of art collaborations would interest him. If we do a Final Fantasy bestiary, he will be on board I bet but for now I got another idea and thought he would like to draw one of the older unpopular game characters. Robo-Corpse came into mind since I made his article for the Character Database last year and I could only include screenshots and the illustration by Ex-Chen drawn for a free4all art collab. in 2015. 

Now we have two illustrations of this  – back in 1992 – spectacular boss character. Excuse me now, it’s time to play Contra 3 again 🙂