Tauros used Ice Beam by Breath-of-the-Wild


“An Ice-type attack. Has a one-in-ten chance of freezing the target solid”

Ice Beam is a powerful ice-type move first introduced in generation I. The user blasts an icy beam onto it’s foe, having a 10% chance of also freezing them solid. Ice Beam was TM13 in Generation before being dropped in Generation II and returning to its original TM13 from Generation III onwards.


Tauros used Rage by Illusionary-Illumi

Julie from Belgium joined the Pokemon Tribute in May already and  quickly claimed the first spots for Lickitung and Seel, later she also contributed one of the two Taurus illustrations! I liked her cute style to draw the Pokemons a lot, you can see a lot more of that here!


“A non-stop attack move. The user’s Attack power increases every time it sustains damage. “

 Rage is a damage-dealing Normal-Type move introduced in Generation I. As its name suggests, very aggressive and powerful Pokemon are prone to use it. The move was originally everlasting and would continue until either the opponent fainted or the user fainted. With each successive hit, another more powerful attack was landed on the next turn.

As of Generation II and onward however, Rage was no longer continuous. Instead it would have to be selected again to continue the chain of increasing damaging attacks.



“A rowdy Pokémon with a lot of stamina. Once running, it won’t stop until it hits something”

Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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