Seaking used Waterfall by Zoulouluvu

Zouloulovu from Canada impressed us back in 2014 already with her take on the Boomerang Bro’s in the Super Mario Bestiary “Mario’s Blacklist” already but her claim on Seaking was a big surprise since she did not participate in any other video game related activities for a while. Anyway, her take on Seaking speaks for itself and I recommend you to have a good look at her gallery on dA here!


“The target is hit with a blow packing the power of fish traveling up waterfalls”

Waterfall, a Water-type move was introduced in Gen I already and was simply dealing damage there with no secondary effects. This changed in the Gen. IV games when it was buffed with a 20% chance of inflicting flinch to the enemy. Since Gen. II it can also be used to climb waterfalls outside of a battle.



Seaking used Aqua Ring by Unfallen-Skies

One recurring awesome feature about these Art-Collaborations is that they are usually represent a truly international community of fans that come from all parts of the world. Be it Europe with their many small countries, the USA, Africa, Asia and even Australia.

Unfallen-Skies is one of the couple Australian artists that joined GA-HQ when we held an art contest about crazy crossovers and delivered a unique entry about Square-Enix vs. the Shonen-Jump Manga Stars. His contributions for the Pokemon Gen. I tribute were Hypno, Seaking and finally Magmar.

Have a look at his gallery here!


“The user envelops itself in a veil made of water. It regains some HP every turn”

While it does not deal any damage, the Aqua Ring can be a very useful move that works like a Regen in Final Fantasy and heals around 1/16 of the HP of the casting Pokemon at every turn. Aqua Ring was introduced in the Gen. V Pokemon games.




“In the autumn spawning season, they can be seen swimming powerfully up rivers and creeks”

Seaking is a Water-Type Pokemon that evolves from Goldeen at Level 33. Like Goldeen, it’s single horn sticking out of its head is its most noticeable feature. In the wild it uses such an appendage to drill holes into rocks to lay its eggs. But in battle, it can use moves like Horn Drill and Megahorn to inflict some serious damage.

On another note; Megahorn was a move not done in the Generation I Art tribute this year. Generation II perhaps?



Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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