Marowak used Bone Club by AncientDragoness

Ancient Dragoness was one of the first artists that joined our Pokémon Tribute when we were announcing it on the 29th April 2016.

She made sure to get one of the two spots for one of the most popular Pokémon of  all time with Charizard and submitted her take on the heavy Dragon Claw move only 5 days later already. She joined the Project again with two more submissions to it later and I am sure we did not see the last from her on GA-HQ! Her name is programme and you can expect to see a lot Dragon related art in her portfolio on dA here!

“Clubs the foe with a bone. May cause flinching.”

 Bone Club is a damage-dealing Ground-Type move. It is one of the signature moves of Cubone and Marowak; which isn’t surprising given that each Pokemon carries a bone for a weapon. The move hits players hard with a strong attack and there is a 10% the target will flinch in the process.



Marowak used Rage by Jesteppi

Stephanie Hennen from the USA joined our Pokémon in May already with Machoke and also drew Marowak and Ekans for it in the following weeks, I look forward to see her returning for more in 2017 when we continue with the Gen II Pokémon!

“A non-stop attack move. The user’s Attack power increases every time it sustains damage. “

 Rage is a damage-dealing Normal-Type move introduced in Generation I. As its name suggests, very aggressive and powerful Pokemon are prone to use it. The move was originally everlasting and would continue until either the opponent fainted or the user fainted. With each successive hit, another more powerful attack was landed on the next turn.

As of Generation II and onward however, Rage was no longer continuous. Instead it would have to be selected again to continue the chain of increasing damaging attacks.



“Originally a small and weak Pokémon, it became rough and aggressive when it begin using bones as weapons”

It would appear Cubone has gotten out of his grieving period. Marowak is a Ground-Type Pokemon that evolves from Cubone at Level 28. In Pokemon Sun/Moon, it will become Alolan Marowak is levelled up to level 28 at night.

No longer reclusive and shy, Marowak is now outgoing and much more aggressive. Apparently with the skull of its mother now permanently fused to its head; it will not be afraid to take on anyone trespassing its territory. Particularly in mountainous areas where it practices its skills by smashing boulders with its bone club.


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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