Slowpoke used Yawn by MagnaStorm

Elise / Magnastorm from Canada is one of the artists that were invited by us to join the Pokémon Project and she totally liked the idea. In the end she did cover four of the 151 Gen I Pokémon with her take on Pidgey being her first submission to the project, followed later by Slowpoke, Poliwag and Scyther.

I am sure she will join us again when we continue with Gen II next year! Have a look at her gallery on dA here, she shows a lot more video game fan art among other works!


“A huge yawn lulls the foe into falling asleep on the next turn”

Yawn is one of the pretty unconventional Pokemon moves and was introduced in Generation III.  You know how often other people will yawn if you just yawned? Now imagine your yawn will make the other people so tired that they will fall asleep..this is basically how Yawn works in Pokemon 🙂

The opponent will fall asleep after the next round unless it is already afflicted by a non-volatile status condition. Yawn won’t work if the opponent has the Sweet Veil ability though.


Slowpoke used Psychic by Tigryph

Kelly A. Bornstedt aka Tigryph from the USA joined our Pokémon Tribute in August after she saw one of the submissions by Skysparrow for it. She could not resist and claimed not only Nidorina but also the lovely Slowpoke with the not so lovely Psychic move. Kelly draws a lot of Pokemon related art, I recommend to have a look at her gallery here!


“A Psychic-type attack. Has a one-in-three chance of lowering the target’s Special rating”

Psychic (Known in Japan as  Psychokinesis) is one of the most popular Psychic-Type moves.

It does not only deal damage to the enemy but has a 33,3% chance to lower the Special stats/moves by one stage. Since Gen II it also has a 10% chance to decrease the Special Defense by one stage. The first Pokemon in the Pokedex that can learn Psychic through learning is the Venonat btw. 



“Incredibly slow and dopey. It takes 5 seconds for it to feel pain when under attack”

Slowpoke is one of the few Water/Psychic Pokemon and like its evolutions Slowbro and Slowking a really…slow one.

They are not the brightest lights on the planet but a Slowpoke has unique opportunities which can turn a battle to their favour quickly. Even if they just Yawn.


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