Jigglypuff used Sing by Reillyington86

Arrow Valley from the United Kingdom draws a ton of video game fan art of very different kinds, I think he is the only one among the artists that draw Pokemon, Cacodemon’s (from Doom) and Mortal Kombat characters ūüôā His take on Jigglypuff was the only contribution to the Pokemon Project but I believe this won’t be the last we see from him here!

Have a look at his big gallery on dA here.



“A soothing song lulls the foe into a deep slumber. “

Popularly associated with Jigglypuff,Sleep is a non-damaging Normal-Type move introduced in Generation I. The soothing voice of the Pokemon is enough to put any opponent to sleep.

Undoubtedly an annoyance to opponents in Generation I and II, Sleep has since been countered by Pokemon with the Insomnia, Vital Spirit and Soundproof Ability.


Jigglypuff used Disarming Voice by Fluffy-Donuts

The 17 years old Fluffy Donuts from the Philippines is one of the youngest artists that participated in our Pokemon Tribute. I think her description for her Jigglypuff contribution is worth sharing:

”¬†I¬†spent so much time on this! I’m really proud of how it came out
I¬†decided to use jigglypuff because ¬†it’s such an adorable pokemon i love, along with the one I’m only willing to do

; w ;
This is the first I¬†drew an attack so sorry if it looks bad, also wanted to make it like the anime, and make the shading and color look like the official artwork! ( yeah i know you don’t need to do it but i prefer it better)
anyways I got inspired by TamarinFrog, check her out she’s awesome !”


“Letting out a charming cry, the user does emotional damage to opposing Pok√©mon. This attack never misses”

Disarming Voice is one of the newer moves and was introduced in the Gen VI games as a Fairy-Type move and deals not only damage but also bypasses any accuracy checks. It does not affect any Pokemon that have the Soundproof ability.



“When its huge eyes light up, it sings a mysteriously soothing melody that lulls its enemies to sleep”

Jigglypuff was always classified as a  Normal-type Pokémon but this changed with the Gen VI Games (X&Y) when the new Fairy class was introduced. Jigglypuff is a dual-type Normal/Fairy now which fits it very well.

Jigglypuff evolves from Igglypuff (Since Gen II) and can evolve into Wigglypuff. It is known as one of the cutest Pokemon and its ability to use its voice to defend itself and its friends. 


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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