Pikachu used Nuzzle by Paleona

Paleona from the USA loves Pikachu (I believe) and was very happy to grab one of the two Pikachu spots in this Project. She is a part of our community since around two years now and raised many eyebrows with her super-sweet style to draw the Pokémon and many other video game characters. Check out her whole gallery here!



“The user attacks by nuzzling its electrified cheeks against the target. This also leaves the target with paralysis”

Nuzzle is one of the few moves in this Tribute that were claimed by only one artist, which might be because it is quite new and was introduced in the Gen VI games..and Pikachu is the only one of the Gen I Pokémon that are able to use it.

Nuzzle is a damage-dealing Electric-type move that also paralyzes the opponent. It is probably also the cutest looking damage dealing attack ever. 



Pikachu used Thunderbolt by Kurama-Chan

Kurama-Chan from Brazil is a part of the Game-Art-HQ community since we started back in early 2012 and created the Anniversary Tribute to the Kirby series and later continued with the still ongoing Link’s Blacklist, a Bestiary Project that illustrated the hundreds of enemies and bosses in the Legend of Zelda games.

Kurama-Chan participated in the majority of our projects since 2012, her two contributions to our Gen I Pokémon Project, Pikachu and Vulpix are just the currently last works as part of the GA-HQ community.

While many of her works are featured here, I recommend to visit her gallery on dA as well!


“An Electric-type attack. Has a one-in-ten chance of paralyzing the target”

Thunderbolt is also a damage-dealing Electric-type move which could be used by many non-electric-type Pokémon as well. It has a 10% chance of paralyzing the opponent. It the Gen II-V Games it was able to paralyze even electric-type Pokémon but this was changed in Gen VI.

Over 100 Pokémon can learn this move so far. Ash, the main protagonist from the Pokémon Anime series mentioned once that the Thunderbolt is his favourite move.



“When several of these Pokémon gather, their electricity could build and cause lightning storms”

Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon and can evolve into Raichu. It is a starter in Pokémon Yellow, and the most popular Pokémon of them all. Today almost everyone knows Pikachu, it is probably one of the most known video game characters together with Super Mario, Sonic and Lara Croft. Pikachu’s design changed a bit, they look more agile now.

It is even a part of the Logo of our Pokémon Gen I Tribute 😉



Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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