Prompto from FFXV Snapshot Fan Art by C-Yen

Prompto from the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, one of the 5 winners of our July Art Challenge drawn by C-Yen from New Zealand

Prompto Argentum is one of the party members in Final Fantasy XV that is finally getting released in November this year after so many delays and a true development hell/limbo.

This twenty year old playboy befriended Noctis in their school days and now they are going on a giant adventure together, ready to fight Monsters, Villains and even Espers to have a damn good time during this long journey. But everyone needs a pause, and Prompto just found this nice pet dog and the time for a..selfie.

This submission to our art challenge in July was drawn by using a Faber Castell Polychromos 36 Set of Coloured Pencils, and the result was that it is one of the most charming entries!