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T.Hawk my Entry

T. Hawk, although not the most commonly used fighter by SF players, actually boasts quite an interesting fighting style, as do most of the too oftenly ignored wrestler characters in the franchise.

I find most of the wrestlers to be more fun to play with than other characters due to their unique fighting styles and usually more interesting physical designs.

Hope you all like my tribute to an underappreciated but great Street Fighter, as well as this submission to the Game Art HQ.

I wanted T. Hawk to look big and menacing, and almost sharp and jagged, to give the impression that fighting this guy is like battling a tower of stone.

I also wanted to use straight sharp lines as an homage to old Native American art. Of course, the wacky zaniness of the picture’s just what I naturally blend into all of my works. I drew the picture in pencil first.

Then I scanned it and darkened it. I colored it with MS Paint, then touched up some of the colors with Photoshop.I used a lot more Photoshop in this picture than I normally do, because I wanted the color to look smooth and shaded, to further imply the jaggedness.



by Dani-Castro

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T.Hawk my Entry



   Thunder Hawk, the Native american weilding the Power of the Earth, first made appearance in Super Street Fighter II

Born in the Sonora desert in the Monte Albán plains, T. Hawk is set out to fight to get a girl named Julia back from M.Bison.

T. Hawk’s name was originally said to be Geronimo, but changed as it would seem racially offensive. Also in Resident Evil 5, a gun was referenced after T. Hawk.


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