Street Fighter X Tekken Jin Heihachi Yoshimitsu King

by Pati88

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street_fighter_x_tekken_cosplay_battle sf tribute by_edmoffatt

by Edmoffatt

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 This piece started with a very simple idea: “wouldn’t Juri look cool in Jin’s trousers”. That pretty much sums up the inspiration for this piece ;D

I’d planned to draw a scene in a clothes shop with various Tekken characters trying on SF outfits and vice versa… However, with only a day to get my entry in before the competition deadline I soon realised this was impossible! Enter Heihachi dressed as Rufus to add a comical twist to the piece and create the epic Street Fighter X Tekken Cosplay Battle!

I sketched the two characters in pencil first, and inked with a black graphics pen. Then I scanned and tidied up the lines, before colouring in Photoshop. It’s unusual for me to ink non-digitally, but when working to a short deadline I just find it that much more expressive and likely to capture the spirit of what I’m going for quickly.

Oh, and yes, Juri has the wrong eye glowing ;) I had to flip her at the end to add in my title because the composition looked weird with the SFXT logo on the right of the piece


I pretty much never play Juri – but damn what a great character design! In my opinion, Capcom design the better characters, whilst the outfits in Tekken are more interesting, so I wanted to combine those two. Tekken 3 was my favourite in the series (so far!), and so I picked Jin’s trousers and Nina’s, err, top and bra, from that game. The gloves are actually from a later game’s version of Jin. Oh, and the sword is Yoshimitsu’s :P

Heihachi was the natural choice as the comedy character to juxtapose against Juri because he’s already quite silly looking with that hair and the fact that he’s the most overly-muscular old man ever (ok, so I exaggerated it a bit in this piece, but still!).

He’s also one of my favourite Tekken characters, and I think he suddenly became about 1000% cooler when they made his hair grey, so I chose to draw him that way!



by AzulFlameXIII

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