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I never got to play any of the games from the Alpha portion of the Street Fighter series when I was younger, but I’ve always found R. Mika’s design to be cute and full of spunk.

Her drive and determination to obtain her goal as a professional wrestler was so awesome, that I just couldn’t help but love her. Plus, I find her special moves so fun and entertaining to watch in action.

When this project was first announced late last year, I snatched her up for myself as quickly as I could. She’s such a joy, and I seriously hope she’ll appear in future games down the road.

She has so much potential to her, and I’d hate to see her go to waste and fade permanently in the background. I hope everybody gets a kick out of this image. It was a joy to do!

I wanted to give R. Mika a pose that was sassy and fun, as I felt that it best suit her character.

As for the environment of the image, it only made sense to place her in the ring. As I do with all of my pictures, I drew the image in pencil on standard drawing paper first. The lineart was then done in Manga Studio Debut 4 and transferred to Photoshop for coloring afterwards.

For the colors, I wanted to keep them bright to give the image an overall cheerful feel.

I used cel shading to render her, as I felt that it fit the image best. I also wanted to include a rainbow in the background, but without overdoing it to the point that it became a distraction and took the attention away from our star.


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