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“Everyone at SF has grown old (even Ken has married and bulked up), but the older and first characters were almost thrown to oblivion. I didn’t knew them since I played first the SFII on SNES. So… this is redemtion.

Lee was a challenge: he was a grown oldman and to make him older required some research on how chinese men get old and which were the common features like the thick eyebrows and the lack of some teeth to make the mouth deeply shut. His hands were a must to show that even on the advanced age he was still active practicing.

The piece was drawn, scanned and then colored on Photoshop.”


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Lee my Entry
I really don’t have any idea about him because I didn’t play Street Fighter I but of course reading some stories about this Chinese guys was really cool despite his absences on the following version/series of Street Fighter but if only they decided to resurrect Lee :) in Street Fighter V that would be cooler.

Lee is unpopular nowadays so I expect that this is really a challenge particularly on reference so I did a little look alike for Gen since he was his old friend that makes them like a brother in some way.

So I think I made my own Lee version adding some crystal and some long fur under it, a long Chinese mustache and a badass looking. In my conclusion it was really a challenge, excite and fun at the same time.




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