Idea of this art challenge was, to draw Street Fighter Characters wearing the outfits of other fighting game characters


Ryu and Ken as Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear by reijr

Reijr about Ryu and Ken about his entry
Hadouken! Shoryuken! If you heard that you’ll be thinking of two persons, Ryu and Ken.
Two of the most great and known characters on fighting games.

These two maybe are the most played characters and they are always present in SF games.

For those who are a fan of Ryu and Ken, and also to those who are not. I hope you like my tribute for the two of the worlds greatest fighters in the world.

Like other characters with opposites, Ryu and Ken have different techniques and aura. So, I’ve decided to draw them cosplaying Sol and Ky from Guilty Gear.
I have waited to do this project for years.

At first, I wanted to draw them on a fighting pose but I realized that it maybe better if they are like standing and modeling for their outfit and also for their faces to be seen clearly.

I draw it using a pencil and scanned it for coloring. I used photoshop to color them. I wanted them to have an anime coloring effect. I didn’t used many tones just solid colors for them and shadows.