Remy (SF III) Vs. Freeman (Garou MOTW) by oderaa

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Remy and Freeman her entry

I definitely appreciate Capcom and SNK when it comes to fighting games. I feel as though Street Fighter and Fatal Fury have neat and unique characters with a lot of personality.

Speaking of personality, these to characters are on the opposite side of the spectrum. Remy is as cool and smooth as ice while Freeman is wild, violent and animalistic.

Remy, being French lets go of his dark past to be happy, while Freeman being British embraces his lifestyle as a serial killer.

This idea was actually given to me. And as stated before with their personalities so different, they kind of remind you of each other, physically, so it would be pretty cool to see them verse each other.

Of course the colors not only represent the powers that the characters exhibit in this pic, but also their personalities. (red, blue, hot, cold, reserved, violent). Remy’s face is always exposed, so I decided for this pic for him to be in the air with all of his hair out of the way, while Freeman (no one knows what his face really looks like) has his face covered.

The marks outside the bold outlines of their bodies hint also to their personalities and I added implied lines to create movement and direction.

This all was done in Photoshop.



by rookie66

About the Characters About his Entry
Personally my favourite character in the SF series, She is a hard mistress but once you learn how to play effectively with her, she will rock your boat! Her theme is kickass (both variants) also.

I never really touched upon this guy in Capcom vs SNK, i had a burning hatred for him.
My brother use to main this character and I would recall the ass whooping I would get whenever I saw him. However That was ages ago, being an artist I can actually appreciate this characters (rather simplistic) design and admittedly he looks like a bad ass.

I originally intended for this to be an extremely busy scene set in a oriental restaurant,
I couldn’t get my thumbnail sketches down unfortunately and had to settle for something a bit more simple as the clock was ticking.
However time got the better of me as I’ve been commissioned by a friend to help him with his science project so I couldn’t spend a much time as I wanted on the image, looks very rough because of this.